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Today ProjectFreeTV still represents one of the most important online streaming websites and it's visited by hundreds of thousands of people every day with major traffic spikes when an important movie or show has the premiere. PFTV is using probably the most beloved design themes that is also used by many similar sites. It is probably the most friendly and intuitive design that a streaming platform can choose in order to satisfy the majority of the visitors. It is very easy to use and there is no need for a how to watch tutorial because everyone can easily figure out how things work on this website even if that person never visited a streaming platform before which is unlikely to happen because all of us are used to this kind of sites. On PFTV all the buttons are places in handy places for an easier access. The navigation menu has been customized and made to be as useful as possible. There are two search forms that can help you easily find the content you are looking for and also the movies and series are sorted under criteria like Most Viewed, Top IMDb, Most Favorite or Top Rated which can either help you find something good to watch or get informed about the trending productions.

The history behind ProjectFreeTV

Project Free TV was born nearly a decade ago and many of you probably never heard a bit about the story behind this popular streaming website. In 2010 it was created by a team of movie enthusiasts who enjoyed watching movies and series on the free sites. We were very disappointed by the quality of the streaming platforms at that time and we knew that we are able to create and offer something better than that. Even if PFTV started pretty much just like any other site from that time, we were always focused on the quality of the movies and tv shows that we publish here and that's what made us famous. Luckily for us, some time after we created ProjectFreeTV, a very popular streaming site was shutting down and overnight all their millions of fans were looking for a good alternative and that's how they end up on our platform. The quality of the movies and series online published on PFTV convinced them to remain with us in this journey for a very long time until the present.

Reasons to watch movies on ProjectFreeTV

  • Impressive collection. The database of PFTV is probably the biggest that you've ever seen on a free streaming site. It contains 10.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and more than 60.000 episodes. We've added this variety of content because we want to satisfy all the tastes and make sure that everybody can find something good to watch on our platform.
  • High quality content. We are very focused on the quality of the movies and series that we publish on Project Free TV. We sometimes even search for hours just to find the highest quality version of a specific movie or episode. This work is not easy but that's how we managed to become the most visited streaming site in the world and we are not going to stop here. All the content published here benefits of at least HD 720p quality or Full HD 1080p and now we are working on a solution to stream 4k movies and we hope to be ready soon.
  • Fast loading players. The movies and series published on ProjectFreeTV are provided by a non-affiliate third party that surprisingly is doing his job very good. It is using very fast servers that allow you to stream HD movies on high quality video players that are loading instant in less than a second which means you don't have to wait for a movie to load at all. Just press the play button and it will start running automatically without buffering.
  • Free & No advertising. ProjectFreeTV, as the name suggests, is a completely free streaming platform and we are not asking for anything in return. Also, we are not using any advertising system on this site so you can enjoy a smooth and ad-free experience.
  • No sign-up required. We don't want to make you lose time while creating an account so you can watch movies and series without registration on PFTV